Galletas con chispas de chocolate


por 30 galletas

2 tazas de mantequilla (460 g), derretida
2 tazas de azúcar morena (440 g), envasada
2 tazas de azúcar granulada (400 g)
4 huevos grandes
1 cucharada de extracto de vainilla
5 tazas de harina para todo uso (625 g)
2 cucharaditas de polvo de hornear
4 tazas de chispas de chocolate (700 g)


Precaliente el horno a 375°F (190°C).

En un tazón grande, mezcle el azúcar moreno, el azúcar granulada y la mantequilla derretida, hasta que se combinen uniformemente y tengan un color claro.

Agregue los huevos y la vainilla, mezcle hasta que quede suave.

Agregue la harina y el polvo de hornear, doblando la mezcla hasta que se forme una masa suave.
Dobla las chispas de chocolate hasta que se mezclen uniformemente.

Con una cuchara para helado, coloque 6 bolas de masa en una bandeja para hornear forrada con papel pergamino.

¡Hornea por 12 minutos y luego sirve!

Para guardar la masa de galletas para usarla más tarde, haga bolas con la masa y colóquelas una al lado de la otra en una bandeja para hornear forrada con papel pergamino.

Envuelva la bandeja con film transparente y luego congélela hasta por un mes.

Para hornear las bolas de masa congelada, retire el número deseado de la bandeja y hornee en un horno precalentado durante 15 minutos a 375 °F (190 °C).



user avatar for kim_megab
These cookies are delicious! My friend and I made them and it made SOOOOO many cookies! Like 100! They were really easy to make, and we added M&M’s to them as well as chocolate chips. Just make sure you don’t eat half the chocolate chips before you start tho😂😂 DON’T BE LIKE US!!

user avatar for yellcw
Well i have enough cookies to feed a small nation now! They were just the perfect amount of crispness and chewiness, amazing flavour! The hardest part of this was translating all the measurements into the metric system, other than that, amazing!

user avatar for lowrythm
Very tasty! If you don’t have an ice cream scoop you can also use a tablespoon to scoop the dough.

user avatar for mamawilly
Like others have said, cut recipe in half. I made half and still ended up with like 40 all together.

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Snow Chen
If you make this recipe, you’ll need about 150 g more flour… but it is the best recipe I tried.

user avatar for kaylablossom
For cookies I recommend using baking soda instead of baking power as baking soda makes the cookies spread.

user avatar for alexia_cooks
Great cookies! 🍪 I would cook them for a couple minutes longer than recipe calls for, but they are still so yummy!

user avatar for syddthekid
These turned out absolutely delicious! However, I did make a few modifications. I added an extra 1/2 cup of flour, and only 1 cup of granulated sugar, and 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar, and only 2 cups of chocolate chips, and a bit. When I make this recipe again, I will add more brown sugar and less granulated sugar, as they were a bit pale! Strongly recommend!

user avatar for radishhh
so after making these numerous times, this is what i’ve learned 1. make sure to cut the recipe in half (made 25 for me) 2. this is important: PRESS DOWN the cookies before baking!!! this will make sure that they cook throughly. when i didn’t press them down, i got lumps of burnt cookie dough. yum. 3. watch the size of your eggs-if their extra large use half.

user avatar for gemc
Yes, doubling the flour definitely makes it more like cookie dough 🍪

user avatar for avery_bakes

user avatar for tahlia_rose49641
Didn’t work-need to add more flour into the recipe and possibly make this into a non-rising cupcake recipe

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